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Finding data within Field

Question asked by gsbilsky on Feb 10, 2010
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Finding data within Field


I am trying to update TableOne::FieldTwo based on the following information.


TableOne::FieldOne has long string of data containing alpha, numeric, and/or dates.


TableTwo::FieldOne has short string of data matching within TableOne::FieldOne.

TableTwo::FieldTwo has information to be placed in TableOne::FieldTwo.


I have created the two table and can match if TableOne:FieldOne and TableTwo::FieldOne are exact matches.  But I only want partial matches.

How do I set the relationships?  How do I match partial information?


Should I set a Script and run it to up update TableOne::FieldTwo?


I am currently trying the following:


If ("*" & BankData::BankPayee & "*" = Payees_W_Cats::WherePayee; Payees_W_Cats::ReportingPayee ; "")


What am I doing wrong?  What should my relationships be?