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    Finding differences in related records?



      Finding differences in related records?


      I'm fairly new to the filemaker world, so please bear with me.


      I've a Filemaker 10 Advanced database that tracks pricing changes over time. It basically has three fields that are pertinent to this question:


      Item Number




      Once a month, we dump the pricing for all items and add the records to the database. So, a snippet of the database might look like so:



      12345|06/04/2009 12:01:02|1.99

      12345|07/10/2009 22:33:33|1.99

      12345|08/06/2009 10:05:12|1.99 

      65432|06/04/2009 12:01:02|2.50

      65432|07/10/2009 22:33:34|3.00

      65432|08/06/2009 10:05:12|3.00 


      I'm hoping to pick out just the items that have differing prices. I feel like this is elementary, but I can't figure it out. 


      As an aside: is there a better way for me to post sample data? 

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          What end result are you looking for? Do you basically want a list of records that ever had a pricing change? Could you clarify the end result?


          As for your question regarding posting sample data, this forum unfortunately unlike others does not provide a means to attach sample files. You would have to upload the file somewhere else and refer to the URL for it.