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Finding Duplicate Records Except First Instance Help

Question asked by bodhibrian on Nov 11, 2009
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Finding Duplicate Records Except First Instance Help


Hi Everyone.

Thank you so much for your time and energy with your help.


FMP 10

Mac OSX 10.6.2

Beginning Level User to FMP & databases in general

Database size is over 10 Million Records


The Problem:

One of the fields in my database is an email field.

I know there are quite a few duplicates as I put in "!" in the Email field in Find Mode.

I want to identify and then remove the duplicate (as defined by having the same email) records from my database.

I have followed the 7 steps as outlined in the FileMake Pro Help, "To find duplicate records except the first instance" but I must be doing something wrong.

Once I am done, in the Check Duplicates field every record has the word "Unique" in that field instead of them separating with some "Unique" and some "Duplicate"


Please advise....thank you.