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Finding duplicates that are not exact duplicates

Question asked by ShelleyM on Sep 26, 2011
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Finding duplicates that are not exact duplicates


Good Afternoon,

I am using FM 11.  I am importing data into my database from an excel spreadsheet and I need an easy way to check for duplicates.  My problem is that the duplicates are not always exact.  As an example, I am importing businesses and business locations.  The name of one business is Joe's Chop Shop.  However, I already have Joe's shop in my database, but it's just called Joe's Shop.  I have many similar cases to deal with and I would rather not perform finds individually.  Is there a script I can use that will call up all of the similar records upon the completion of the import or am I dreaming?

I don't know much about script writing or finds for that matter...simple words please!

Thanks for the help.