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Finding matching records in two tables

Question asked by bookalaka_1 on Jan 6, 2011
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Finding matching records in two tables


I have an inventory list with "specials"  on certain items one for retail and one for restaurants the descriptions can  be somewhat lengthy so I have scripted a separate window  one for retail and one for restaurant that I can open and do a search. Ideally what I want is to define a script that will "find" the items in the floating windows by matching the item code.  Since not every item has a special I have started by  creating a field "IsEmpty_Retail" and IsEmpty_Restaurant this way I can see if there is text in the description field. Ideally I would like to attach a button that when clicked will open and find the data in the other tables.  Where Im getting a little lost is how to find the matching data in the Restaurant and Retail Tables and not have multiple windows open each time I click.

Thanks for the input.