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    Finding Multi-criteria for a single field



      Finding Multi-criteria for a single field


           I need some help.  I have over 300 account numbers that I need to find in a FMP 11 database with over 5000 records that I inherited.  I am a filemaker novice and the only find script I know requires me to enter each criteria( account number ) individually.  Is there a way to search from a list? Any suggestions are helpful

           Script example I am using

           Enter Find Mode []

           Set Field [cntct_vendat_VendorData::Account_Number; "13621E"]

           New Record/Request

           Set Field [cnct_vendat_VendorData::Account_Number; "15632E"]

           Perform Find





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               See this thread for multiple examples of scripted finds: Scripted Find Examples

               There are many different ways that you can "search from a list". Can you provide an example of what you had in mind?

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                 Currently the list of 300 + account numbers I need to search for are in an excel file.  My end goal is to find the matching records and add them to a common group using an existing script for the end user. 

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                   I'm sorry but that just repeats what you have already told me. I'm looking for more detail so that I can select from a very long list of possible answers in order to provide one that does what you need.

                   How will the user interact with your layout to select a particular account or group of accounts?

                   Or are you doing something different than that?

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                     My apologizes, I am more of a network guy verse application guy.  The group is a check box on the layout that acts as a common identifier. The end user needs the contact information on the records with the account numbers that I am trying to find to send emails and print address labels.   



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                       That's still pretty vague. I can't really tell if you need to perform a scripted find to find groups of records, set up relationships that match to the correct groups of records or both.

                       In my understanding any of the following scenarios fit what you are describing:

                  1.           The user sees a list of accounts on the screen. They click to assign specific accounts to a particular group.
                  3.           The user specifies a set of search criteria, name, address, job description, club membership (whatever...) The computer pulls ups a list of accounts matching that criteria for  the user to double check or it just goes ahead and assigns them all to a group.
                  5.           You have two tables, A table of groups and a table of accounts. A match field that uniquely identifies the group matches to a field in each account records so that all accounts are members of one and only one group. The relationship is used to list accounts for a given group.
                  7.           You have three tables. One table is groups, one is accounts and a third table is a "join table" set up so that any given account may be a member of any number of different groups and vice versa--setting up a many to many relationship.

                       And for scenarios 3 and 4, either scenario 1 or 2 might be used to set up the needed values to link records in relationships if such values do not already exist in the tables.