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Finding Near Duplicates...

Question asked by jroller on Dec 31, 2012
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Finding Near Duplicates...


     I teach at a local high school where I advise the yearbook staff.  I have a database of all the students in the school. Someone at Jostens merged all our records (in Jostens' system) based on First Name Last Name matches, That person did not take into account some students share first and last names but may in fact have different middle names (or other distinguishing info). So, in effect, Tyler Brandon Jones 9th grader and Tyler Christopher Jones 12th grader have been made into one record in Jostens' system. 

     I need to look through our records to find all those students who share the same first and last names but are obviously different people.


     I have tried find duplicates via last name, then find duplicates (constrained) via fist name, and that sort of limits my down to 652 records from 2000+, but still a bit painful to try to sift through.  Was hoping their might be an easy way to find those records where the value in Last name AND the value in First name are the only ones which get returned on a find.