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    Finding Path Name in FMPro 11



      Finding Path Name in FMPro 11


      This is a really simple question about how to find the path name of a file in FMPro11.

      How do you find it?

      In virtually all Mac OS programs, if you need to know the location of a file that is open, you simply click on the title of the open file, and it immediately shows you the hierarchy of folders containing the file.... except this has been disabled in FMPro.

      (In the multiple iterations and problems of upgrading FM files from 6 to 8 to 11, I have several versions of the files, plus of course backups on external hard drives.  I'm not sure where one file is coming from because in the folder that contains all the files associated with the database, I changed the name of one file to better reflect it's content.  However, when a script is executed to retrieve this linked file, it pulls up the old file with the old name - and I have no idea where it is getting that file from since I changed the name of the file.  Clearly, there is another file with the same name.

      All this would be simple if FM had the standard Mac function of seeing the hierarchy of folderrs - I'd know where that file was located.

      So, again, how the heck do you find the location of a file on your computer in FM11? (Yes, I'm aware of Spotlight...file name...show all. But there has to be a different way..)


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          Open manage | external data sources. You'll find a series of entries documenting links to each external file that includes the file path to any file that is not in the same folder as the current file.

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            Yes, I checked that before. But it actually doesn't give the path name.  Only the file name.  There are several files that appear there that are not  in the current folder that holds the db files, yet they appear there, and there is no path name.  (I happen to know that they are on an external disk.)  Previously, I had been accidentally working with a back up file located on an external hard drive, but I didn't know it for a long time because there was no way to see that the file was in a different location.  Normally, in MacOS, you just CMD-click on the file name at the top of the window of the file you are working in and it immediately shows the complete file/folder hierarchy, so you can immediately know the location of the file.  FM11 doesn't do that, and Open..Manage...External... only shows the file name.  (It shows a lot of EXAMPLES, but no file names.)

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              If you see only the file name, that reference refers to a file that is in the same location as your current file.

              Get ( FilePath ) is an expression you can put in an unstored calculation field set to return text. You can then put this field on a layout to display the current file's location.

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                Thanks.  Will do!