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Finding records and printing them

Question asked by ChrisJones_1 on Apr 9, 2013
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Finding records and printing them





     I'm struggling with a way in which to find some specific records in my database. I have a vehicle hire database with three tables (clients, destination and drivers) that a main form called journey extracts data from plus some other specific fields. All is working fine but when the users of the database do a search (or find) for a particular client or a clients phone number or a journey reference number I would like the DB to find their query via a button and script on the Main Journey form and then present it on another form so the users can either print it or view it. I have tried to work this out using scripting that goes into Find mode and then Perform Find (specifying the three users queries) but I can't get it to work, so I think I'm missing something. 


     I also have what I think is a related issue. I'm trying to find and print some specific records from this same database and I think I need to use this same scripting method. What I would like to do is find all records that have a Yes in the Print Journey field and print them, (which I've managed to do) but I need to print some from a particular range. (Which I can't figure out how to do) For example there might be 12000 records in the database and at any one time I need to print some specific records say, from 120 to 560 but only those marked with Yes in the Print Journey field. And the next time I might need to print records from 750 to 790 with the the same criteria. I'm pretty sure it's something to do with perform find but I can't work it out. I hope I've explained this OK and someone can help with this.