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Finding records based off of equal values

Question asked by johnharrison on Apr 5, 2015
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Finding records based off of equal values



Is there a way to find values that are equal by finding 1 based on a calculation field that is Timestamp = A summary field that is the timestamp of the last instance of that record?


i.e.  I have a summary that calculates the max of all the timestamps from a certain group of data that all has a similar characteristic (ie product number).  Then I say time1 = summary filed, but for every instance it returns 0 even when both values are the same.  I assume this is because there may be extra "somethings" in the summary calculation which is why the equivalence test is failing, but I am not sure.


UPDATE: GetSummary ( Date Summary; Trailer #) = Date Completed

This returns the correct is equal value so then I can find all the 1's.  However this fails, because the find only works when the data is sorted.  Is there a way to know the summary field without having the data sorted so I can return the results that I want ?