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Finding records in external table

Question asked by bstribl on Apr 17, 2009
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Finding records in external table


Looking for some help in solving a find problem with external data tables/views. 


The Setup:


FMP table that collects and stores dates when various letters were mailed.

this table has a layout divided into three sections, top is licensing information retrieved from the OCL.RegisterProtest vew by matching on the application number field.  the middle section contains information about a person who is protesting the issuance of the license  and is retrieved from the OCL.Protestant view.  the bottom section holds the mailing dates for the various pieces of correspondence sent and recevied.


Oracle views:

   1 - OCL.RegisterProtest view contains license information (name, addresss, application number, license number)

   2 - OCL.Protestant view contains protestant information (organization, name, application number, licesne number)


Now to muddy the waters.  there may be several OCL.Protestant records related to a OCL.registerProtest record.


My problem.  when i do a find on the application number to retrieve the data from the 2 oracle views, I only get 1 record in the found set.  My test data has three records in the OCL.Protestant view. 


My Question:  I believe the find command is only looking ath the filmaker table and returning the only record found.  how do i make the find command look in the OCL tables?