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Finding records not in a date range

Question asked by MVED on Oct 28, 2008
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Finding records not in a date range


Really having a tough time with this one (and I'm new to filemaker).


Possible solution 1:  In a table that has a date field, I know how to search for records within a certain date range.  However, is there any way to display the rest of the records instead.  That is, if I keep a log of dates of students I've met with as records, how would I find the students I haven't met with between a range of dates?


Possible solution 2:  If the above is not possible, I could keep a date field next to each student record that just has the last date I met with the student.  Then would there be a way to search for student records that have meeting dates less than a specific entered date.  This way, if I could enter a new date such as 10/1/2008 in a find, then would I be able to see all students who I've met with before this date (and not after)?  This would allow me to know which students I haven't met with after a specified changeable date (in this case 10/1/2008) which is somewhat similar to the result above.


Any help would be greatly appreciated (especially if spelled out for a beginner). Sorry if it's a bit confusing!