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Finding Related Records

Question asked by episking on Sep 24, 2014
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Finding Related Records


I have a table "Trainings" and a Table "TrainingSignatures".  docKey is the PK in Trainings, and the FK in TrainingSignatures.

Trainings includes the following fields:

  • docKey (Indexed, Auto-enter serial, can't modify auto)
  • Course Name
  • Date
  • Instructor

TrainingSignatures includes the following fields:

  • docKey (Indexed)
  • Name
  • Signature

Currently I have a training layout that includes a portal with names and signatures.

I'm now designing a printable/searchable report that should allow for a find by Name, returning the records of courses that person has taken as well as a find by course name, listing all the Names that have taken the course and the date the course was taken.

I'm not sure how to get the latter part working.. Do I need a portal?