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finding result of multiple field in related Table

Question asked by germ on Jul 28, 2009
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finding result of multiple field in related Table


What's the best way to find the result of two field in a related table. example: my inventory Layour consiste of around 35 items, and all those items have around 12different colors. So let's place the items on an X vertical line and the colors on a Y on a horizontal line in excel. it gives me 35 x 12 = 420 different prices. Now if I'm in a purchase order Layour and I need to get a price can I make a value list of items and a value list of colors and get the price.


         red    blue    orange    black

1      3.00    2.00     5.00       7.00

2      6.00    12.00    8.00       5.45

3      4.00    16.00    10.00     6.89


get item 2 and item orange to find 8.00