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finding the coordinates of an object

Question asked by med on Nov 15, 2013
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finding the coordinates of an object


     I am trying to display a window containing a layout with choices  so I use the new window command but I need to be able to determine the top and left of the window depending on the location of the layout object clicked. This is because the pop up window is needed to appear next to the clicked object and there is more than one on the layout.

     The reason I am doing this is that I tried to simply use a hidden object (of type pop up menu) which I go to it using a script triggered by clicking the original object. But the pop up menu behaves in MAC  very differently than in WINDOWS and you cannot even control the appearance as far as border shadows. The application needs to run seemlesly on both Mac and Windows.

     And I tried the drop down list but the number of choices displayed is limited to 11 and the user does not want to scroll because they need a speedy usage.

     So I came up with the idea of using a radio button field in a pop up window of modal style, and it is working fine except that I cannot control the location. 

     Is there a way to find the top and left coordinates of the active layout object ?