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Finding the line number for a record in a portal

Question asked by miw on Aug 23, 2012
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Finding the line number for a record in a portal


I have two tabs, one with a portal sorting ascending and one with a portal sorting descending.  In each portal, the current record is highlighted in the portal with conditional formatting.  Each portal is 12 lines long before you need to scroll down further.  I have a script which will toggle between the tabs for ascedning or descending.  However, if my current record is beyond the first 12 lines of the portal upon toggling from one tot he other, I have to scroll down to see that record in the portal.  How can I script such that the current record always shows in the portal as I toggle between them?  (I have a good script that works well within the same portal when I select a record on the portal that is greater than the portal lines shown, but it does not work when I toggle portals as I lose the portal focus when I toggle bwtween portals).