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Finding TRULY modified records

Question asked by alc on Jul 24, 2012
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Finding TRULY modified records


I need to find an EFFICIENT (fast/simple) way to isolate records that specific fields which have been modified since opening (In most cases a concantenated calc field could aid defining those fields) The catch is that this would be part one of a method to output these modified records from FMGo - FMPro, so I think looping scripts, could be prohibitive. Part 2 will involve how to best output the records in various scenarios (FMGo, FMNet, DB on Mobile Device), but I guess that handled in FMGo forum.

I know this one should be a simple one, but all the methods I've used require too much overhead (too many fields/scripts/script triggers etc - ie too much room for error). Efficiency and simplicity has grown more important since I need to incorporate the slower/less competent FMGo (especially since scripts will also need to have several branching IFs that check for device, FMGo versions etc)

Many thanks in advance for your advice.