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Finding two conditions in script

Question asked by dicksmith on May 20, 2011
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Finding two conditions in script


I have two related tables, Members and Records.  I want to find those records for which Members::status = "Active" AND Records::CMA_yesno = "no".  When I use script step Perform Find Members::Status:[="Active"] I get those just fine, and when I change the step to Records::CMA_yesno:[="no"] that works fine also.  But when I combine the two into a two-step Find statement resulting in Members::status = "Active" AND Records::CMA_yesno = "no" , then I get a null result.

Same result when I used a one-step Find Members::status = "Active" followed by a Constrain Found Set Records::CMA_yesno = "no". 

The layout I'm using is based on "Members". What am I leaving out?  Thanks for your help