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finding two fields using a script?

Question asked by gasolineman on Aug 19, 2013
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finding two fields using a script?


     i have a db that i am working on a script for that would allow me to run a script to run a find and then copy certain fields and paste into a new record.

     it happens like this: first person enters a case number and their name in two fields.  they call me and i enter the same case number and then run my script.  the script searches for the case number and then copies the relevant fields from his record and pastes them into my record.  

     what i need to have now is: i need to be able to run the script and have it search for the case number AND the first persons name then copy the fields and paste into my record.  what i cant figure out how to do is to make a script that will find more than one field at a time.  

     my current script looks like this:
     go to field [db::case number]
     copy [select}
     enter find mode []
     paste [select]
     perform find []
     go to record/request/page [previous]
     go to field [select/perform; db::case name]
     copy [select]
     go to record/request/page [next]
     go to field [db;;name]
     paste {select]

     and so on for the rest of my fields

     this works great for findng just the case number but i need to add to the script so it copies both the case number and name field and searches for both at the same time.


     thoughts? questions?