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Finding Unique Records - FileMaker 5

Question asked by agreer on Jan 20, 2010
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Finding Unique Records - FileMaker 5 & 5.5


Hi, Using ancient technology, I know, but it's what we've got.


I have an archive of records each with a field called "unique part number" that is a combination of the customer number as well as the product number they order (ex. PR 1111-90-1234). However, it's not truly unique as it relates to the archive because that unique part number can be ordered and reorder any number of times, and then there's a record of each date it was ordered.


I'd like to be able to perform a find for a field and have it only show the most recent date a unique part number was ordered (ex. Find PR 974 finds records PR 974-100-1234 from 12/1/2008 and PR 974-100-1234 from 4/16/2005. I'd like to only see the order from 2008.)


Your help is appreciated!!!