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Finding updated fields

Question asked by FredLee on Oct 6, 2011
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Finding updated fields


Our database contains a lot of fields (say, A through Z) and a lot of records (say, 1 through 50) but I need to isolate only those fields which have been updated on XX day. If I want to see fields x, y, and z which have been updated on XX for any of the records 1 through 50, how can this be done? I can search for records which have been updated on XX but that does not identify which fields in those records were updated on XX; it could be that fields c, e, z, and m were updated for records e, p, q, but only record q had an update to field z. Somehow I need to search for XX updates to fields x, y, z in any of records 1 through 50; I can then isolate which fields to export to the company's master database.