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    Finding updated fields



      Finding updated fields


      Our database contains a lot of fields (say, A through Z) and a lot of records (say, 1 through 50) but I need to isolate only those fields which have been updated on XX day. If I want to see fields x, y, and z which have been updated on XX for any of the records 1 through 50, how can this be done? I can search for records which have been updated on XX but that does not identify which fields in those records were updated on XX; it could be that fields c, e, z, and m were updated for records e, p, q, but only record q had an update to field z. Somehow I need to search for XX updates to fields x, y, z in any of records 1 through 50; I can then isolate which fields to export to the company's master database.

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          This can be done, but the scripting and additional edit log table required makes this a significant project to take on.

          Can you describe what you need with an actual example rather than the abstract letters? Maybe there's an alternative approach that will be less complex to set up. (The generalized suggestion suggests that you may be trying to do too much within a single record instead of making use of one or more tables of related records.)