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Finding volume over a date range

Question asked by sonic10 on Feb 15, 2013
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Finding volume over a date range


     I have an old Appleworks program for calculating donations that I continue to use because I can't figure out how to make the same calculation in Filemaker. I have to hang onto an old computer to run the program but Appleworks keeps crashing and I'm afraid I'm destined to lose 8 years worth of information.

  •           Donors can give up to 500 units every 2 months.
  •           Appleworks have a command (NOW? - I don't remember right off hand) for today's date and I subtract 60 from it to define the range.
  •           The database then adds up the donations over 60 days and subtracts from 500 to get the donor's current available amount.

     Suggestions for doing this in FMpro12?