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      I am doing a find on one category in one field, but alot of the other categories show up also? - Not all of the other categories, but some of them.


      When doing find of some of the other categories in the same field, they appear as they should.. what could it be? 

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          Howdy strune,


          Some (but I'm sure not all) possibilities would be:


          Finding in repeating fields

          finding "art" and coming up with "start" and "carthage" and "CarTags"

          using an operator in the find such as * or =


          Could you be more specific about what you are enetering into the find field and what 'other' results you are getting?


          Note: if you only want an exact match, use == in front of your entry.  "==art" will not return "start".


          Let us know what going on...

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               Not a good example: searching for "art" without any operators will find "article", "Arthur" and "arthrititis" - but NOT "start".
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              Correction accepted and acknowleged as true.  Point well made and appreciated (learned something today :) )

              The concept remains the same, but use comment's examples instead.

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                   OK.. I did not remember about the "=" and "==" :smileyhappy: