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    Finds in IWP



      Finds in IWP



         I'm having an odd problem with Finds in IWP.  If I perform a find in FM, I get 10 records.  If I perform the same find while in IWP then I get no records.  This is only true for certain fields on my layout and I know it isn't a privilege thing because I'm logged in with a Full Access account. 

      Does IWP have restrictions on how complex a find can be?  Any ideas (seriously ANY IDEAS, I'm willing to try the most bizarre suggestions) would be very helpful



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          Are the problem fields from a related file?

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            Nevermind, I found the problem:

            One of my relationships uses a global field, which gets set as the user navigates to my layout.  Being the Admin, I skipped that navigation and went straight to the layout there by not setting the global field.  Of course there are no records, I didn't set up the relationship.  Silly me!  Thanks for the help.