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    Finds with date fields (?)



      Finds with date fields (?)


      I have a work order tracking database set up and I am trying to see the work that is pending.  There is a field for "Date Completed" and I am having a hard time running a Find for that field.

      Since it is a date field it wants any query to be in date format as well.  Is there a way for it to find a 0 value or empty?

      I am temporarily getting around it with sorting but I don't need to see the ones that have a date completed.



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          To find all records where a specific field in the layout's table is empty, enter find mode, but a lone = operator in the field and perform the find. If the field is in a related table, you get more reliable results if you put an * operator in the field and then use the omit option to omit all such fields. (That means find all records that have a related record with a value in this field, then show me all the other fields that do not...)

          Both techniques can be used in scripts that perform your finds as well.