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Finger Print Reader, Storing Password, Encryption

Question asked by RestaurantCharlie on Mar 30, 2011
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Finger Print Reader, Storing Password, Encryption


I'm implementing a Finger Print (Productive Computing Plug-In) reader with our solution.

My problem is:

    Users identify with their finger print (awesome), and with scripts I can give them restricted access depending on who they are. But how do I make use of the auto-enter on modification options? I have to change the user? So re-login required. But what is the point of having a finger print reader if you have to enter a password. So then I need to store users passwords on a table so the solution can do the re-login all by itself. I still needs users to have their passwords because not all computers will have the finger print reader (laptops).


PS I guess solutions that use magnetic card readers have the same issue.