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Finger Print Scanner Recommendations for FileMaker Pro?

Question asked by philmodjunk on May 19, 2014
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Finger Print Scanner Recommendations for FileMaker Pro?


     We have to collect fingerprint images on some of our documents in order to stay in compliance with state law on some of our transactions. Currently, the customer uses an ink pad to put a thumbprint on one copy of the receipt which we then file.

     I'd like to replace that with a scanned image of the thumbprint that we can insert into a container field and print via plain paper printer or Save As PDF anytime we are asked to bring up a customer's receipt for this type of transaction by a Law Enforcement Officer or State Auditor.

     We don't need to do any kind of biometric identification here, just capture a reproducible digital image.

     Has anyone tried to set this up?

     Can anyone recommend for or against particular finger print scanners?