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    finished products - raw materials



      finished products - raw materials


      Hi again,

      I am building a product database, is it better to have two separate tables, one for the finished products and one for the raw materials or elements that you buy for assembling the finished product OR should it all be put into one table?


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          Probably two related tables. It's hard to answer such a general question. The details of your manufacturing operation and what you need this database to do for you will determine the optimum structure for your database--which involves much more than just "one table or two?"


          I've worked with a product specification database. In our case we had much more than two tables.


          One master table listed all SKUs for both manufactured and purchased items (materials).

          Other detail tables stored the specs (purchase or manufacturing items) for each type of item.

          Other tables facilitated the construction and management of BOMs (Bills of materials).

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            Hi Thank you for your reply.  I try to learn Filemaker through Lynda.com and VTC.com but it sure is hard in the beginning.  I am managing a company and so have not sooo much time for learning it even though I like it - it seems fun.

            I have had several systems in the company and it is never what I want.  So probably, very wrong idea, I thougth I'd do it myself, crazy?


            Anyway I would like a system that keeps the stock, creates the articles, invoice, not bookkeeping.  Or maybe I should take a specialized company and ask them to develop this in Filemaker.  The problem might also be the advertising of  Filemaker itself, you believe that you can do it yourself.  


            Since we are a manufacturing company, I'd like to start with the product database, finished products with sub-elements that are bought and transformed into the finished product.


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