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Fire Fox issue with web viewer and IWP

Question asked by wngiii on Jan 12, 2010
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Fire Fox issue with web viewer and IWP




I've been trying 6 ways from Sunday to figure out the problem with FireFox and Chrome Browser displaying my IWP'ed database.  I have a web viewer pointed to a PDF file on a shared network drive in the office.  the Address is displayed as follows...   file:///nashvilleserver/contracts/001234.pdf  


Now when I'm using the Client and IE8 everything works beautiful and as planned. When I open the DB in FF or Chrome nothing shows up in the web viewer.  I've also tried the "Open URL" script in the same fashion with the same results.  works on the client and IE8 but not in Chrome or Firefox. 


 are there settings in Fire Fox that counteract the web Viewer (I read that the web viewer is based on IE) due to scripting?  I read in the Knowledge base where you have to adjust for the active scripting in the setting for it to show in IE but the Knowledge base says nothing about other browsers except Safari.  We are all Windows XP based and have FMP 10 advanced and FM Server 10 Advanced as well. 


Any insight direction or luck will help!