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Fire Script when web viewer url changes

Question asked by Terminum on Jan 4, 2010
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Fire Script when web viewer url changes


Is it possible to fire a script whenever the user navigates to a different page within the web viewer?


Basically, whenever the web viewer url (source) changes I'd like to fire a script. I have tried using GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "Viewer" , "source" ) in an unstored calculation field, but that doesn't seem to auto-update when the user navigates. If I can get that working, I think I'll be able to fire a script when the calculation field changes (using a plug-in), but that seems overly complicated. Plus I'm not sure that it will work. Is there an easier way to do this?<!--  POLLS  --><!--  FILES  --><!--  SIGNATURE  -->


I'm using FileMaker 9 advanced on Mac os X and Windows XP.