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    Firm Groups



      Firm Groups


           How do I create a new Firm Group? If I go into Firm Groups and do New Group it won't let me change what's already in there as a Group ID and Description.  Thanks

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               And what file are you using? In what version of FileMaker? On what operationg system? We have no idea and thus can't help you until you tell us more.

               Please read this thread: Please Help Us to Help You...

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                 FileMaker Pro 11

                 Mac OS X , V 10.6.8

                 File?  Firm Directory?

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                   Still not enough info.

                   What database file are you using? How is it designed?

                   FileMaker Pro is a development platform for creating any number of different database solutions. Unless we can see that database design, we have no idea what you are deailing with when you attempt to create a "Firm Group".

                   If this is a file created from a Filemaker 11 starter solution, telling us which starter solution was used might give us a clue.

                   Otherwise, you will need to ask these questions of the person who created the database for you.

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                     Forget it.  Thanks for your help.  Way too over my head, it will have to wait for my co-worker to return.  FileMaker isn't exactly user friendly.