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First and last record of the day?

Question asked by hsu912174 on Apr 10, 2013
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First and last record of the day?



     Being new to filemaker, and without much background in software development, I figured I might have done some things rather unorthodoxly. Recently I am trying to construct a database to track my weight training. It has a table tracking the exercises I did (and the specific details such as weights, reps, etc), and another "timesheet" that records the time when I sign in and out of the Gym. I have constructed it in such a way that I wolud go to the gym and hit the hgue "BRING IT" button on the sign in page, which will log the time into "sign in" field and take me to the exercise  tracking table. When I am done I would hit a "sign out" button to take me to another layout based on the timesheet table. The one thing I have been trying to achievie, but have been hitting dead ends for days, is that I want it to also display the number of exercises I did today.

     I have set up the table to record each set of exercises, and, as we all know, one would do several sets of the same exercise. In order to have the list grouped by kinds of exercise (i.e. a header in the list grouping sets of the same exercise together) sorted by chrological order I also divised a field "GroupID" which wolud update only when I have moved on to another exrecise. Therefore what I am trying to achieve is to obtain the "GroupID" from the last record of the day and subtract it by the first record of the day. Though I have been stared at the list of script steps and functions pretty hard, I can't really find a function that may help me do that yet. Can anybody shed some light on this?