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first iPhone solution

Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Apr 23, 2015
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first iPhone solution


So far I have learned a good deal of things for creating solutions on a desktop. I have not ever created a solution that would be delivered on iPhone or iPad. From what I can see the way you make you screen size/layout specific for FileMaker Go solutions is to use scripts. Is this correct? Has anybody seen a primer (tutorial) for best practices on how this is done? I have noticed I could just use the starter solutions that do it, as a starting point but don’t want to miss some key fundamentals to know about. The material that I used to get up to speed to learn FileMaker with was pre FileMaker Go. That plus the community volunteer leader and the other gracious talented members of this forum have helped me accomplish anything that I want. I ask before I start, because I know others may have seen leaning material that teaches techniques well. Thanks