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    First Login Fails Second Attempt Succeeds



      First Login Fails Second Attempt Succeeds



           I seem to be have a very strange problem. I have FileMaker Server 10 and FileMaker Pro 9. The database files are hosted on the FileMaker Server with the exception of one FileMaker file which is on the desktop. I have external authentication setup on the FileMaker Server and it working as expected.

           The sole purpose of the FileMaker desktop file is to automatically open the Main Menu database on the FileMaker Server. This is done by executing a simple script when the FileMaker desktop file is opened which opens a remote database. Nothing complicated.

           The Main Menu database hosted on the FileMaker Server is accessible through the File > Open Remote Menu.

           When the FileMaker desktop file is first opened there is a delay in trying to open the Remote Database which eventually results in a login dialog prompt. If I cancel out of the dialog and close FileMaker and then click on the FileMaker desktop file for the second time, the Remote Database opens successfully. Subsequent attempts result in a successful Remote Database connection. If I reboot the computer, the problem comes back and I have to perform the previously mentioned workaround.

           If I reboot the computer, open FileMaker and access the Main Menu Remote Database via the File > Open Remote dialog, the connection is made successfully without a login dialog prompt.

           This issue is most annoying to the non tech savvy users in the organisation that I manage and have been asked to find the solution to get FileMaker to work as expected without hassles.

           Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

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               I suspect that this method would work without error if you did not use external authentication (at least it does for me). I forget the details, and I think they vary with whether you are using mac or windows systems, but there are other methods that can be used as a desktop short cut for opening the remotely hosted database one of those methods may be able to do the job without getting that extra password dialog.

               Anyone reading this thread that knows how to set up one of the alternative methods?

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                 Thank you PhilModJunk for your valuable contribution. Although you didn't give me the solution directly you most definately gave me the inspiration on how to find the solution myself. I did some research and discovered that if I create a Windows Shortcut to "fmp7://" (without the quotes and with the correct IP) that it works flawlessly everytime. Thank you for your help.

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                   Ok, it appears that this didn't solve the problem at all. I can login to the Menu without the previous login dialog / authentication issues. However, as soon as I click on any of the menu items FileMaker freezes up for a moment while it's thinking and then displays the login dialog. The behaviour is exactly as it was before I changed the open remote database desktop shortcut - meaning that I get the login dialog twice and every time I login to the computer.

                   Any ideas?