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    First name field



      First name field


           We are using Filemaker Pro 12.0v4.

            When we are finished with that record, we will hit the GO to next record button in the top left hand corner. The record changes, but in the first name field, it keeps the first name of the PREVIOUS record. The rest of the record looks correct. However, if you make a change to the record, it saves it to the previous record.


           Has anyone seen this?


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               We can't see "pinksheet" nor tell what it is. Presumably it's a layout in your database. We can't tell if "go to next record" is a button added to the top left corner of the layout or if you are clicking the "book" control in the top left corner of the status tool bar. We do not know what tables and relationships exist in your database nor how this layout is designed.

               Best guess is that "first name" has been defined to have global storage and thus stores the same value for every record in your database table. But that's not the only way this might be happening. It could also be that all records in the table used as the basis for your layout all link to the same record in another table and that first name is defined in that table instead of your layout's table.

               I'd open Manage | Database | Fields, find the first name field and check to see if it is listed as a global field. If it is, double click it, select the storage tab and clear the check box for global storage.

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                 I apologize for not understanding the product well enough yet, I have just taken on this new client. I am very unfamiliar with this software. I have attached a screenshot above. That is the icon they are using to navigate through the database. I checked and the first name field is not global storage. To repeat the issue again, when they click on that book symbol to go to the next record, everything changes to the next record except for the first name field. It stays 1 behind, always. For example, If you are on record 2, then the first name shows the information from record 1. If you go to record 3, it has the information in the first name field from record 2. If you make a change anywhere on the record, it will save it to the PREVIOUS record. It's always one behind. 


                 I appreciate any advice you can give me, or any information I could get for you to better understand the issue.

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                   You are clicking the "book control" a built in feature of a FileMaker window to move from record to record.

                   Actually, the "one behind" description is different from my original understanding of your issue and is not consistent with my guess that it is a field with Global storage.

                   What version of FileMaker are you using?

                   Enter layout mode and check the layout name shown in the field. (if you don't see the layout name, you may need to pull down the View menu an deselect the "sample data" option from the Show sub menu.)

                   Does the field name start with "::"?

                   If you see that the name starts with "::", click the field and tell me what text appears in the "Display Data From" box in the Inspector.

                   A screen shot of the same portion of your layout that you have already posted, but captured while in layout mode may provide additional clues. You can upload such screen shots with each new comment that you post, you don't have to go back and edit your original post.

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                     We are using Filemaker 12.0v4

                     I am attaching a screenshot. Let me know what you think. Keep in mind the " One behind " issue..The first name is one behind, but it also appears if you make any changes ANYWHERE it actually saves it back to the record that is " one behind " and not the record currently showing.


                     Here is the picture:

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                       That rules out several options.

                       The field does come from the same Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? as that selected for the layout. I can tell that even though you covered over the name of the table occurrence for some reason.

                       Go back to manage | Database | Fields and check to see if this field has any auto-enter calculation specified. You can double click a field in that dialog to get to a tab named "auto-enter" to see what calculation or other auto-enter setting might have been specified.

                       You can also click the icon between "Table:" and the layout drop down to open Layout Setup... Click the Script triggers tab in this dialog and see what script triggers may have been specified for the layout.

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                         BTW, whoever designed this DB for your client did them a disservice from what I see in this layout. They have multiple individual fields that should instead be defined in a related table of records.

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                           There are no script triggers, and I was just trying to CYA. Also here is this.



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                             Then I really don't see how what you describe is possible. I'm not saying that it isn't happening, just that I can't imagine HOW it could possibly happen.

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                               I am confused as well. I appreciate the effort, and if you think of anything else let me know. Thanks so much for your time.

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                                 The only other option would be to have someone else examine a physical copy of the database or to use FileMaker Advanced's script debugger to double check for triggered scripts that you may not know are being executed.