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First record in Find not working

Question asked by lijnbach on May 7, 2014
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First record in Find not working


Hello everybody,


I am already struggling all afternoon. This is what is going wrong.


I want to perform a find based on global fields. (Using 4 finds in one script). It all works fine, except one of them. The script looks like this (example);


Goto Find

Set Field [Contracts::Contract Code; Global Fields::Contact Start; Global Fields::Contract End]

Perform Find


They are all working fine, except one. I have one, that seems to start always with the next one in row. 


It is a Text Field with values from 01-AA until 99-ZZ. I select the values (e.g.) from 01-AA until 02-BB from a value list. If i do so, the result is only 02-BB. If I select 01-AA until 99-ZZ, I get them all, except 01-AA.


It is not the scrip. If I go directly to the lay, without a scrip, and goto Find, and type 01-AA..02BB, I only get 02-BB. If I type 01-AA..99-ZZ, I get them all, except 01-AA. If I type 01-KK..99-ZZ, I get 01-JJ until 99-AZ.


But, if I type only 01-AA (without “..” (until)) I get 01-AA. So it only goes wrong if I use the “..” (from-until) and only in this situation. And it is only for one of the finds. The other 3, and all others in the database, are working fine.


Thanks in advance,


Hans Lijnbach.