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first script step not working

Question asked by AmberJeffery on Jul 12, 2015
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first script step not working



New to filemaker and building data bases so really appreciate your help.

I am having an issue with a script step not working, I am trying to make sure that two specific fields are not blank before printing.

My script looks like this (quite simple script)


Go to field[table::fieldname1]

Show custom dialog [what ever I wrote]

Exit script

End If


Go to field[Table::fieldname2]

Show custom dialog[what ever I wrote]

Exit script


freeze window

Go to Layout [table::layout name]


Go to [original layout]

Exit script

End IF

Now , this is working for the second "IF" for field name 2, but not working on Filed name 1? I am getting the custom dialog when the second field is empty but it is allowing the first field to remain empty?

What am I missing?