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First Time FileMaker User Stuck on One Task.....

Question asked by KevinGaudineer on Jun 11, 2014
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First Time FileMaker User Stuck on One Task.....


I may be making this a tougher task than I need to but this has me stumped.  I have an exiting spreadsheet with all of my Customers listed.  This is a very large spreadsheet which is why I am looking to FileMaker.  The steps to import that spreadsheet into FileMaker were spot on....  Absolutely no trouble that was completed in about 2 minutes. Following the import of my customers I wanted to create a new database so I could start adding the inventory for each customer into that data base.  This data base is blank and I am trying to make a relationship between my customer database and the inventory database.  This where I am stuck. Any one customer can have many inventory items.  So I believe I will be creating a one to many relationship The customer ID will be the key field The primary key will be the customer data base and the foriegn key will be the inventory database.  My plan is to have the customer info show in the top portion of my form and the inventory input to be done in the lower half of the form.  My question is.... " how do I prevent a new customer record from being created everytime a new inventory item is added?