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    First Time FileMaker User Stuck on One Task.....



      First Time FileMaker User Stuck on One Task.....


      I may be making this a tougher task than I need to but this has me stumped.  I have an exiting spreadsheet with all of my Customers listed.  This is a very large spreadsheet which is why I am looking to FileMaker.  The steps to import that spreadsheet into FileMaker were spot on....  Absolutely no trouble that was completed in about 2 minutes. Following the import of my customers I wanted to create a new database so I could start adding the inventory for each customer into that data base.  This data base is blank and I am trying to make a relationship between my customer database and the inventory database.  This where I am stuck. Any one customer can have many inventory items.  So I believe I will be creating a one to many relationship The customer ID will be the key field The primary key will be the customer data base and the foriegn key will be the inventory database.  My plan is to have the customer info show in the top portion of my form and the inventory input to be done in the lower half of the form.  My question is.... " how do I prevent a new customer record from being created everytime a new inventory item is added?

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               This sounds familiar. Didn't you already post this question earlier today? (with graphics "boo and Yeah"?) Did you read the answers posted to it?

               To repeat my previous answer in more detail:

               If you have this relationship:


               Customers::__pkCustomerID = Products::_fkCustomerID

               Then you format _fkCustomerID with a value list of customers. This value list should be a "use values from a field" value list where it lists __pkCustomerID as the source of data for field 1, then you click the "also display values from second field" check box and then you select the Customer name field for this second field. At your option, you can choose to hide the first field value by selecting the "Show values only from second field" option, but do that only if you have put a unique values validation rule in place on the customer name field or a second customer with the same exact name as another customer will not appear in your value list.

               This is the "simple beginner level" method for selecting a customer for a given product. More sophisticated methods can be used that are more user friendly and that are easier to work with when selecting from very long lists of values.

               And if you are reposting here as I think, please also consider the other issue that I raised in your first post: If more than one customer must be linked to the same record in Products, you will need to use a different set of relationships with a join table to link records in what then becomes a many to many relationship. (But if these products belong to the customer and thus are only linked to a single customer, this becomes a non-issue.)

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            Thank you for the reply.  To answer your question.....  No I didn't post
            earlier today. I just downloaded my trial last night and watched a couple
            of videos from FileMaker and then a couple of videos on Lynda.com with the
            free 14 day trial...  I am just having trouble getting the input of

            You have caught me at a disadvantage and being lazy.....  I also just
            signed up for the forum and didn't scan any previous post before posting my
            question....  I am going to study your response and look for videos from
            you highlights.  Again thanks for the response and the push over the
            confusing part of this....