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    Fiscal Year Calculation



      Fiscal Year Calculation


           I am creating portals which will display fiscal year funding information for graduate students within tab controls.  The first tab would have the current years info and each subsequent tab would have previous years.  I would like to create a field which would be used as a label for each tab.  The field (FiscalYearCalc) would be a calculation for the fiscal year.  So for this past year the labels would have read 13/14...12/13....11/12 etc.  This next fiscal year would be 14/15...13/14...12/13 etc.  The tabs would change automatically as the fiscal year changed over.  The fiscal year starts 7/1 and ends 6/30. Can anyone help with that field calculation? 

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               I take it that 7/1/2013...6/30/2014 produces a label of "13/14".

               And you want these calculations driven by the current date?

               Making the current year 14/15?

               There are a number of approaches, but here's one "cut" at it:

               Define a calculation field Named cFY like this:

               Right ( Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) ; 2 ) + ( Month ( Get ( Currentdate ) ) > 6 )

               With a current date of 7/15/2014, this produces a value of "15".

               then define a series of calculation fields, cFYL1, cFYL2, cFYL3   as

               cFY -1, cFy -2 and cFY - 3 respectively

               Your Tab control labels can then be merge text such as:


               and so forth.

               If you leave your tab panels unlabeled, you can position these blocks of merge text to serve as labels as long as you are careful to be sure that each block of merge text is "owned" by the correct tab panel. This easiest way to do that is to add this text to the middle of each panel first, then drag them close to the desired "tab" and then fine tune the position by pressing the arrow keys or using the Inspector's alignment tools.

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                 Thanks for the reply.  But I'm confused about the >6 part of the calculation.  What happens when January 1 2015 comes around (which is <6).  Now the field will give a different result but it really should still be in the same fiscal year as July 15th 2014?

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                        What happens when January 1 2015 comes around (which is <6).

                   Then year ( Get ( currentDate ) ) returns 2015 and we take the right two characters from there to get 15.

                   This is based on the assumption that dates from 7/1/2014 through 6/31/2015 are part of the 14/15 fiscal year.

                   And that calls my attention to a small error in the merge text examples. They should be:


                   and so forth...