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    Fix a leading grand summary part in place



      Fix a leading grand summary part in place


      Hi there

      So rightly or wrongly a form layout on which I have a header which I use for navigation and beneath this a leading grand summary part which is used for nothing else apart from further navigation and to look good in a second colour.

      Beneath this I have my body part which lists all customers of which there are many.  When I scroll through the list, the leading sub summary slides off the top of the screen which I don't want.

      I don't think I can use a portal as the layout is based on the data I want to see.  Is there any way to avoid this behaviour and set the leading grand summary in place?


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          Can you show a screenshot in layout  & browse mode?  Maybe you can make the leading sub summary, if it contains data you don't need to see, 1 pixel high, or make all the fields invisible, and put a layout object, like a colored block (bar) in the bottom of the header so it stays put.

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            This cannot be done, but there's no reason why you can't create a single header layout part with two sections in contrasting colors. One simple way to get the second color background is to add a rectangle with a contrasting color to the header and move it to the back behind all other layout parts. You can lock this object to make it easier to move items around on top of it and you can set auto-size anchors that "stretch" this rectangle to fit if the window is resized.