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    Fix resolution with iMac computer !!



      Fix resolution with iMac computer !!


      Hi there,

      There are some customers has iMac computer.

      The resolution is very small, because I bulit program with windows desktop resolution.

      Can I fix the resolution autmatic with all kind of computer?



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          If you mean the Mac display resolution like...1440x990 or 1280x800?  What is your design display resolution?

          If so..

          Resolutions are USER options.

          and the Answer could be YES.


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            Hi all,


            Thanks for Jim and davidanders,

            I built the program on 1280x800 but when I run it on iMac rosultion the program will be too small.

            I dont rememmber the rosultion in iMac but It's very small.

            Until now I can't found any solution for that even after reading the post that you post it here.


            When I do program in Microsoft product the roslution will be fixed automatic but in FileMaker not.


            Please assist me.


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              In Windows, there's an "enlarge window contents to improve readability" option in preferences. I don't think this preference option is available on Mac systems. If you designed your layout on a windows system such that you needed the "enlarge" preference, the resolution on the Mac system is likely to be too small to easily read.

              In Windows 7, there are also display options that can be set to automatically enlarge window contents by a percentage.

              If you open such a file in Mac, try clicking the zoom button in the lower left corner. This option may allow you to get a set up that works on your mac.

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                Since a user can set his resolution, the calculation to adjust your design window to look better to a specific user is not perfect but normally minor adjustments by the user will work.

                Use in calculations to ratio your design resolution to a general user...

                Get(WindowDesktopHeight)  and  Get(WindowDesktopWidth)  for example my Mac Book Pro has 9 default screen resolutions. When i set it to 1440x900
                Get(WindowDesktopWidth) = 1440 and Get(WindowDesktopHeight) = 878 [allows for Mac's upper Menu Bar a standard fixed 22 pixels] 
                Get(SystemPlatform) can tell you if Apple products vs Windows see Help for your version of FMP.
                You would make a "StartUpScript" that could ratio your screen sizes or use Script steps to Expand/Contract your window size, such as..
                Adjust Window [Resize to fit/Maximize/Minimize/Restore/Hide]
                Most new screens are in the "wide screen" format for movies.  thus 1440x900=1,296,000 pixels is Higher definition than 1280x800=1,024,000 pixels ie., your design appears smaller on the 1440 size.  The newest Mac resolution is 5,100,00 pixelsSurprised.  You might consider changing yours to match a HiDef screen.
                Using David's links will help.
                Last thought...
                The silly User can change his resolution while in the middle of using your database!Cry