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Fixed corruption with Recover - Is it safe to proceed with the Recovered database?

Question asked by Ward on Aug 30, 2012
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Fixed corruption with Recover - Is it safe to proceed with the Recovered database?


The essence of my question:

I have a FileMaker database with two "phantom" Custom Functions.  Their names and parameters are blank, and Edit and Delete do nothing.  FileMaker won't let me create new functions with the same names as the two phantoms.

I was able to get rid of the phantom functions by Recovering the file.  Recover, at the outset, warns that a recovered file should only be used to recover data.  The message at the end of recovery implied that the file can be used, proceeding with caution.

I see two paths forward:

  1. Use the recovered database file in place of the corrupted file.
  2. Restore an uncorrupted database file from Time Machine, apply recent field and script updates, and import the data from the current (corrupted) file.


#1 is a lot easier; #2 will be quite tedious because there were a number of field and script changes that need to be re-done.

How should I proceed?

The background:

Yesterday, I was using FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced on Mac OS X 10.6.8 to remote open and edit a client's database over the Internet.  My FileMaker session ended abruptly with a beachball-of-death, and I had to Force Quit FileMaker.  The cause of the beachball is not clear -- a FileMaker problem, an Internet glitch, a problem with Mac OS X -- I couldn't tell.

When I relaunched FileMaker and tried to open the client's database, FileMaker complained my license was already in use and quit.

An hour or two later, after restarting Mac OS X, I was able to open the client's database and proceed with my development.  After an hour or so, I discovered that two Custom Functions I'd added a couple of days ago had become "phantoms" -- see the description at the beginning.

After I discovered this corruption, my client closed and reopened the corrupted file, which didn't fix the problem.  Except for the phantom functions, everything is working fine.

As I mentioned above, I'd prefer using the Recovered database.

-- Ward