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Fixed Page Margins not printing like Preview.  Right margin printing same as left.

Question asked by CoveValleyCamp on Oct 3, 2012
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Fixed Page Margins not printing like Preview.  Right margin printing same as left.


     I apologize if this has been asked already.  I have been unable to find an answer.

     We have just upgraded from Filemaker 10 to Filemaker 12.  We have letters (multiple layouts) set up to print with fixed margins so that it prints correctly on our letterhead.  We never had any issues until the upgrade.

     Now, when I print a letter (from ANY of the layouts), it prints the same margin on both the left and right sides of the page.  I have it set for 1.25" on the left and 0.25" on the right.  It printed 1.25" on both sides. I know our printer is capable of printing 0.25" because it did before the upgrade.

  •           I have checked everything in the Page Setup dialog.  
  •           I've checked all the Layout Setup options.  ("Use fixed page margins" checked. "Facing pages" unchecked. Margins set.)
  •           I have adjusted the body and text box just to be safe.
  •           I've tried other margins amounts. (I tried 1.75" on left and 0.25" on right.  It printed 1.75" on both sides.)
  •           I've tried multiple printers. (Ricoh Aficio SP C410DN and HP LaserJet 2100)
  •           It looks great in Preview mode, but prints incorrectly.


     I originally found the issue when printing a letter for about 8 records.  2-3 randomly printed with correct margins and the rest did not.  I have not been able to get any to print with the correct margins since.  I couldn't find anything consistent about the ones that printed correctly and the ones that didn't.  It was even different layouts that printed correctly.  Seemed completely random.


     I am running Windows XP on a Dell Optiplex GX270.

     I also had my superior try his computer and it did the same thing.  It seems to be within Filemaker.


     I would appreciate any help.  Thanks!