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    Fixing Image Import Order



      Fixing Image Import Order


      Hi there,

      I have ~600 images that I would like to import into an existing database that has several thousand entries.  When I go to import and select the folder, the input order that it defines for itself appears to be totally random.  My pictures go from 4164-4753.jpg but the order that it picks is 4209, 4213, 4183, 4174... for whatever reason.  Does anyone have any suggestions or of a good way to fix this?




      PS- I am running filemaker 11 in OS X Snow Leopard.

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          What exactly is the issue with the order that the records are imported in.


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            The problem is that it isn't in order.  I would expect it to go sequencially through all the images (ie 1, 2, 3, 4...)

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              But since you can sort your imported records in virtually any order after you've imported. Does it really matter?

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                So you are right in principle but it makes it more complicated to import.  I first have to import the images, sort them by number, then import the associated images details from an excel, then show all and do a master sort by number. 


                What is the best approach if I will be continually adding new images with a bunch of parameters associated with each image that I have stored in an excel document? Is there a good way to semi automate something like this?

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                  Why would you continue to use the excel file if you import the information into FM?


                  What is the exact process you are trying to follow for importing your images


                  Why cant you use the data in the excel file imported first to find the appropriate image. It sounds like its already there in excel.

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                    Just to explain what you are seeing when you import a folder of images, filemaker is listing the files by filename in alphabetic order rather than numerical order. (The data is treated as text rather than numbers.)


                    The following numbers are in "Alphabetic" rather than numeric order:










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                      So my current workflow is taking a data file, using a shell script to pull out image parameters then copy and paste that into excel.  I then use an image processing program to batch export data files as a jpeg.  I then put all the jpegs in a folder and start up filemaker pro.

                      From there I import all the images, sort them by file name and then update them with the excel data.  From what you were saying, it seems like I might be better off importing the excel data first (with an additional field for jpeg filename) and then matching the jpeg to the column with the appropriate jpeg file names?

                      Thanks a lot for your help!


                      PS- Thanks for the tip on how filemaker organizes the data!  I remember running into that before, but at the time I thought I fixed it by making sure that all the images were of the 0000.jpeg variety.