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Flag that displays ID_Account

Question asked by MarcMcCall on Feb 29, 2012
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Flag that displays ID_Account


I have 2 tables Account and Contacts, linked by ID_Account and id_account.  On the Contact page I have a field Approvers_Email and another field named Approvers_Email_two.  I have an unsorted spread sheet that I need to import that is going to be imported to match field to the Contacts Email.  The spread sheet will be updating Contacts in 5 different ID_Accounts. The Approvers Email and if there are 2 will be imported into the other 2 fields.  I need to set it up so that I have 2 fields display if either of the the Approvers_Email and Approvers_Email_two are set up as Contacts under a A different id_account.  I would like it to display the account_id the Approvers email is set up as a Contact in.  I then can inform the approvers from other accounts that they need to set up another email account so they can log into the other accounts to approve the web sale orders.