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flag_unique Problem

Question asked by BeachedWhale on Dec 27, 2012
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flag_unique Problem


     If anyone is familiar with the flag_unique method, please help!


     I am trying to create a field flag_unique that contains a 1 for the first instance of the field you're sorting by. So there should be mutliple types of the field you're sorting by, for example, Product Type. The calculation for flag_unique is supposed to be 


Let ( x = GetNthRecord ( salesperson ; Get(RecordNumber) - 1 ) ;

If ( salesperson <> x ; 1 ; "" )

)   //   end let


     However, when I do this, flag_unique only works for the first Product Type, the other Product Types, get 1 in all their instances for field flag_unique. It is not reiterating for all Product Types? I'm not sure how to fix this problem.

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