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Flashing data from a FM Pro 10 DB

Question asked by jaimeb82 on Jun 29, 2010
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Flashing data from a FM Pro 10 DB


I am looking to flush all the data from a backup copy of my company database so I can test a script an outsource company build for us. We hire them to build a DB and now we are not longer with them for budgeting issues. The import script they build is not working 100% so I want to flush all the data and start making imports to test where data goes, how the data merges/or doesn't, how to change the import template etc...


Am I better off testing the script with a debugger? If so, does FM Pro has one built in? What's the best way to test already existing scripts on a system that doesn't crash but one get's a feeling the data doesn't get merge when same contact is imported? What we initially asked for was a merging tool, the script merges some feels but not all of them, so I need to understand the script code first in order to make modifications. It is hard since my programming expertise are kind of basic but I am looking forward to learn more.


So two basic questions: How to flush data, how to test already existing scripts.


Thanks and sorry for the long question,