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    Flashing windows



      Flashing windows


           When I exit my application I execute these two script steps.

           1. Close Current Window

           2. Exit Application

           When I launch the application again I am greeted with one/more flashing windows before my Startup screen appears.

           How can I prevent this annoying flashing from happening?

           Have I overlooked some housekeeping step(s)?



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               If you are exiting your application, why do you need to close the current window and exit the application? Why not just exit the application?

               Don't really see why this would have any impact on what you see when you open the file. Do you have a script specified in FileOptions that is performed "onFirstWindowOpen"?

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                 I did have a script specified for "onFirstWindowOpen".

            When I unchecked it in File Options the issue went away.





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                   If you need that script to be performed OnFirstWindowOpen, it should be possible to do so without flashing windows.

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                     Hopefully this is a better receipe.

                     I want to copy value from a table and put it into a global variable.

                     I assumed you have to go to a layout to have access to the associated table’s fields.

                     So in my script I would go to the layout, put the value into the global and then continue to the next layout and that is what is producing the flashing which is annoying me. The global did contain the value I wanted.

                     So next I tried this script step…

                     Set Variable [$$myGlobal; Value (Lookup(SystemVars::blah; “Not Found”)]

                     That didn’t work as $$myGlobal returned “Not Found”.

                     Your insight as to what I am doing wrong would be appreciated.


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                       I assumed you have to go to a layout to have access to the associated table’s fields.

                       That is correct, but this need not flash windows.

                       Use the Freeze Window step to freeze the window at the start of your script.