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      Hi to everyone,


      Just wanna ask your help. how can I improve my database because whenever I scroll from record to record I noticed that some of my fields are flashing. How can I Improve this because it looks like  unprofessional and flaky.


      Thank you very much.






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          I had a similar problem and found out that if you go into Edit Layout, click on Layout on the menu bar, and then Layout Setup there should be an option that says "Show field frames when record is active"...Uncheck this if it's checked and it may solve your problems.



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            There are many things which can contribute to flash and jitters, particularly if you are PC.  There have been many discussions and threads but here is one which seems to hold MOST of the major causes:  http://fmforums.com/forum/showpost.php?post/104349/


            Within that thread, it points to other resources as well, including a GREAT file called Flash Arrest.