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    Flat File Security



      Flat File Security


      To all:

      I'm looking to restrict access to sales reps in a quote database.  I've created user accounts in the file and added a calculation that checks logged in name against sales rep name.  It successfully shows only the sales rep's quotes but also shows all other records with <no access>.

      I want the reps to see only their quotes and make a few revisions as needed.  it would be nice to leave out the records with <no access> and the reps only be able to perform a find on their quotes.

      Since this is a flat file there are no portals or relationships to help filter out what I'm trying to accomplish.

      Thanks for any comments/suggestions!

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          Simply perform a find for the person's records as part of the log on. If I understood a post by Comment, any find performed automatically omits the <no access> records though in your case, you can probably just find the records to which they are permitted access.

          That way, the only time they'll likely see the "no access" tag is if they do a Show All records or Show Omitted Only type operation. (And with a custom menu that replaces these steps with your own scripted version, you can prevent it for these options as well.)

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            Thank you for your input.  I have a few users that should have access to all records.  How would I pull this off if I perform a find based off login information?

            I tinkered with privilege sets and but got the <no access>.  Is there a way to omit records that have no access via a calculation that I could add to the privilege set?

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              It depends on your data and how you've set up your access permissions.

              You'd perform a find for all records that meet the criteria that allows the access in the first place. If the records are marked with an acount name or privilege set name, you'd perform a find for that, for example.

              For more on record level access control, see Editing Record Access Privileges in FileMaker Help and scroll down to the section labeled "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis".